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Thanks for your interest in considering JullienMorgan.Com to design your fully functioning website.  Whether you are looking for a corporate/business or personal website we will attempt to fulfill your needs.

JullienMorgan.Com is a subsidiary of J & J Enterprises, an internationally registered ECommerce business established in the State of Florida, USA.  We are involved with Internet Marketing and Advertising, Website Design among other ECommerce activities. 

The onus of having a website is rapidly becoming more of a need than a want.  It is currently the most convenient and economical means of getting the general public to know about you and what product or services you offer.  These are some of the many benefits you will receive after launching your website.  Our prices are very competitive and we guarantee an ‘above and beyond’ relationship with all our Clients. 

When considering a website, the ‘name’ is very important.  Your website will be composed of a hypertext document with corresponding text and hyperlinks that is written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and is assigned an online address or domain name called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  This URL will be your domain name. 

Your domain name must represent the purpose of your website and could be anything from your personal name such as JohnDoe.Com to a line of products you are marketing, example, ABC-HybridCars.Com to your favourite pet – MrPretzel.Com.  It must also be one that your customer or visitor can remember. 

A number of pages will be assigned to your website.  The first page will be your index or ‘Home Page’.  This is the first page that your visitors will see.  From that page there will be other hyperlinks (electronic connections that link related pieces of information) in order to allow a user easy access to them.  These hyperlinks will make up the number of pages available for viewing from your website.  The pages included could be a:

HOME page - This is the first page of your Web site that visitors will see.

CONTACT US page - This is where visitors can contact you.

GUESTBOOK page – Here visitors can make comments about your site.

ABOUT US page – A brief description of your site’s goal. 

This is a basic idea of what a Four-Page website would include and of course, your domain name, slogan (‘motto’, ‘saying’, ‘catch phrase’, ‘tag line’ etc.), the title of the pages and its contents, which will be determined by you, the Client.

For us to design your website, all information (text, graphics, banners, logo and pictures) must be made available to JullienMorgan.Com.  Information can be submitted by any of the following formats:

Ž Using our online form;

Ž In an electronic format via email, including an attachment;

Ž On a flash drive, or

Ž On a compact disc. 

N.B. Information may not be submitted using a floppy disc. 

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