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Juliana is now eight months and counting... Jul 22, 2008


Baby J at 2 months  

Hi once again to you wonderful people.  I am somewhat late in updating Juliana’s site but I did manage to do so in spite my busy schedule.  Read these few paragraphs on

what she's been doing then jump over to her photo site to view her most recent pictures.



Baby J at 3 months
Baby J at 4 months
Baby J at 5 months
Baby J at 6 months
Baby J at 7 months

Juliana has learnt to do so much over the past five weeks alone, it's just amazing.  She is sitting up extremely well without support.

She is also crawling about grabbing on to stuff that interest her – pretty much anything that moves. 

She oftentimes scoots around on her posterior using a hand behind her and a foot in front of her to propel herself. Her ever so favourite thing to do is to go an all fours and dive after the item she is pursuing.  While holding on to the railings on her crib, she pulls herself up to a standing position effortlessly.

Juliana’s newfound mobility means that she's now entering the land of bumps and falls.  Oh yeah, she have found herself crying as a result.  Julia and I understand that these are an inevitable part of childhood, and although our hearts may occasionally skip a beat or two, we try to enjoy watching Juliana explore her surroundings and discover her limits. We are in the process of making every effort to have our home safer for baby Juliana. 

Juliana has started looking for dropped objects and appears to be pointing at them. She can easily use her fingers to rake up an item and hold it with her fist closed, and she's learned to open her hand and fingers to drop and throw objects.

She now explores objects by shaking them, banging them, dropping them, and throwing them before falling back and tenderly gumming them. We try to create a little activity center now and again with lots of things she can bang, poke, twist, squeeze, shake, drop, and open as we noticed this fascinates her.  She like to see things fall down, gets picked up by us and then get thrown down again.

We also noticed that our baby's emotions are becoming more obvious. She may perform tricks, such as looking directly in the direction she hears sounds expecting Julia or myself to appear any moment.  She is very good at repeating or imitating sounds and displays this innocent but curious look on her face when applauded.  We are certain that over the next few months, she may learn to assess and imitate moods and might show the first stirrings of empathy.  Is this something Julia and I are ready for?  We’ll see. 

Like I said, she has developed so much in such short periods it is just amazing. 

Scoot over to her site and see her latest pictures; click here.

Have fun while you are at it. 

We love you all and have a blessed week. 


Jullien, Julia & Juliana.


Baby J at 8 months
Baby J at 9 Months
Baby J at 10 months
Baby J at 11 months
Baby J at 12 months


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