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  Juliana is now seven months and counting... Jun 25, 2008


Baby J at 2 months  

Once again Family, Colleagues and Friends, how keeping! 

Thanks for being a part on our monthly updates and as usual - we always love to read your responses.  The latest of Juliana’s pictures have been added to her online photo album so take a moment and view them at your convenience.


Baby J at 3 months
Baby J at 4 months
Baby J at 5 months
Baby J at 6 months
Baby J at 7 months
Baby J at 8 months


Juliana is literally feeding herself.  She oftentimes grab her bottle and guide it into her mouth.  We let her experiment and always forgive her mess - it's helping her learn a new skill.  We understand that she won’t fully master the trick of feeding herself till after her first birthday.

She can now support some of her weight on her legs, and she loves to bounce. She's able to sit supported (which frees her hands for exploring) and pivot to reach a desired object.

Her fine motor skills are coming along, too.  She can scoop things up with just one little paw and transfer them from one hand to the other fairly easily.  Her noise level has increased tremendously, not only because of her babble but also because she found out how much fun it is to bang objects together.  She is truly a talker

Juliana now actively engages in hiding.   A simple game of peek-a-boo absolutely fascinates the daylights out of her.  She is definitely understanding the concept of 'object permanence' and loves games where people or things appear and disappear.  She’s also able to recognize different tones and inflections and occasionally burst into tears if she hears really loud noises.

As you all know, Juliana is a bundle of joy and we love her dearly. 

Don't hesitate, see her latest pics.  You can view them here!

Have fun and have a great rest of the week.

God's richest blessings.  ALWAYS.

Jullien, Julia & Juliana.

Baby J at 9 Months
Baby J at 10 months
Baby J at 11 months
Baby J at 12 months


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