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Juliana is now five months and counting... Apr 13, 2008


Baby J at 2 months  

Hello again!

Hope you all are doing great.  We three Js are doing just fine.  We took baby J'Renee to the doctor this past Thursday.  We noticed some rash on her left foot and the side of her neck so we took her in to check it out.

These rashes were caused by insect bites.


Baby J at 3 months
Baby J at 4 months
Baby J at 5 months
Baby J at 6 months
Baby J at 7 months
Baby J at 8 months She was prescribed some cream and now she is doing very well.

Our baby is now 5 months old and she have discovered how to do a variety of things; turn over both ways, suck on her toes, listen intently when Mom and Dad are having a conversation or when we are on the phone, imitate some of our funny noises among other things.  Each day with her seems more fulfilled than the previous days.

Go to her website and view her photo album to see some of her fun pictures that I just posted.  Click on the link below to see her latest album - 'Juliana at 5 Months'.  It's two pages so be sure to visit the
second page.  Here you go.

Once again, thanks for keeping in touch and we do
appreciate your feedbacks.  Have a blessed weekend.

Jullien, Julia & Juliana.

Baby J at 9 Months
Baby J at 10 months
Baby J at 11 months
Baby J at 12 months


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