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Juliana is now eleven months and counting...


Baby J at 2 months      

Howdy folks!  Hope you are all doing great.

At eleven months Juliana is only just a few weeks shy of her first birthday.  This little Princess has so much energy Julia and I can hardly keep up. 
Baby J at 3 months
Baby J at 4 months
Baby J at 5 months
Baby J at 6 months
Baby J at 7 months
Baby J at 8 months She is no longer a helpless infant who can't do anything without us.  We realize she still need plenty of care and support, but her growing independence -- evident in her solo standing, stooping, and squatting -- is becoming apparent.   

Juliana is now walking while gripping our hands, and she'll oftentimes hold out her arm or leg to help us dress her.  As  matter of fact, she took her very first 5 solid steps recently and Daddy caught it on tape.  This was very exciting for us to watch, Juliana turning the pages in her first year. 

She normally have breakfast an hour before us and enjoys seconds later eating from our plates.  She carefully grips her sippy cup and drink from it independently but made it clear that there is nothing like her bottles.   

Juliana gets a kick out of purposely dropping objects for someone to pick up.  She could play this game all day.  She is a fun child who has a knack for fun games.  We just love watching her laugh.

She now understands simple instructions, though she may purposely choose to ignore us when we say "no."  She definitely comprehends when she does something correctly based on our reactions and the rewards we offer her in terms of kisses, hugs, claps and funny encouraging faces.  

Even though Juliana may not always remember tomorrow what we've said today, we realize it's not too soon to set certain boundaries and start teaching her some important distinctions, like right from wrong and safe from unsafe.  Although we have to keep very close watch, she is learning that it is not safe to be at the edge of the bed.  She tries in most instances to steer clear of those vulnerable areas.

More fascinating words and word-like sounds are now spilling out of Juliana -- and she's able to use them meaningfully.  It’s no secret when she is hungry, she sounds off when she needs clean diapers and vocalizes when she need a change in scenery.  

At eleven months, Baby Juliana is a pro at imitating word sounds and inflections, as well as actions. Touch your nose then ask her to touch hers and she’ll follow suit.  Ask her a second time to touch her nose without you touching yours and she may repeat the action. We are now working on having her identify her mouth.  She hears Daddy whistling at times and she is trying to whistle as well.  Amazing.

New pictures of her are posted for you to view.  Go here to see Baby Juliana latest pics. When you are through, please come right back and download her Flashcard eBook

Thanks for reading.  Have fun.


Jullien, Julia & Juliana. 

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Baby J at 9 Months
Baby J at 10 months
Baby J at 11 months
Baby J at 12 months



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