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Juliana is now 10 months and counting... Sept 10, 2008


Baby J at 2 months      

Hello one and all!

We know you are wondering what Juliana is up to these days while Julia and I are just amazed with her growth.  This little princess has so much energy.   She causes us to crash many times when we donít care to.  We have quite a few games that we play together and she has learnt them all so well. 


Baby J at 3 months
Baby J at 4 months
Baby J at 5 months
Baby J at 6 months
Baby J at 7 months


Juliana makes crawling seem easy.

She is able to crawl well on her hands and knees, with her trunk parallel to the floor.  We also noticed that she enjoys crawling on her hands with butt pointing towards the ceiling and the soles of her feet flat on the floor.  She can sit confidently and walk or cruise while holding onto furniture, letting go momentarily and standing without support. She carefully takes steps when held in a walking position and at times attempt to scoop up anything in her way while standing. Julia and I see these as magical first steps toward independence Ė and definitely lots more exercise for us! 

Julianaís little fingers are becoming more agile. Using her pincer grasp, she is able to pick up a piece of cereal or pancake or other small object without having to rest her wrist on a solid surface.  She's intrigued by tiny things and is still likely to taste-test them.  She is more into the sense of feel than the sense of taste.

Her personality is really emerging now.  Since Julia and myself have so much in common, itís hard to determine whose traits Juliana has adapted more of.  Sometimes she is a bit reserved but is still very social, occasionally granting broad smiles to people she meet. She is a pro at repeating sounds, gesturing for our attention, and donít like it much when we head for the door.

For those of you who havenít met her, we can sense your anxiety for that special day to arrive. Juliana has changed our lives tremendously and we are certain she will change yours too.

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Best of wishes and hear from you soon.


Jullien, Julia and Juliana. 

Baby J at 8 months
Baby J at 9 Months
Baby J at 10 months
Baby J at 11 months
Baby J at 12 months



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