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For JullienMorgan.Com to design your website, you must have a credit card.  Your credit card must be recognized internationally and you should feel comfortable making online purchases.                   

JullienMorgan.Com  at the moment does not offer web hosting solutions.  A web hosting company is one with whom you register your domain name and purchase your hosting package.  They will host your domain name on their server for an average of USD$100 annually.  The domain name you choose may or may not be available. We  have a list of Web Hosting companies that we recommend.  Please consult with us before you purchase your  domain name, or have us do this for you - (Ask us how!)

 Typically, for you to acquire a website, first:

̃ Think of a name for your website (domain name or URL)

̃ Find out if the domain name is available

̃ Register and purchase your domain name with a reputable Web Hosting company

̃ Have JullienMorgan.Com design or create your website.

Please be advised that you do not need to do any of the above except creating an ‘available’ domain name and a slogan for your website.  We will arrange to do all the work for you.

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Website Design

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