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We will ensure that all information is obtained before we start designing your website.  Considering all basic information is submitted to us, your website will be designed, fully functional and ready to be checked and monitored by you for launching to the worldwide web within 14 Ė 21 days.  If your site is not complete within 21 days of us receiving the last bit of information from you, we will refund 100% of your total cost.  THATíS OUR GUARANTEE.

Website Monitoring and Maintenance: The Next Step

Once a new website design is live, the project has not ended, but rather the needs of the site have changed. Keeping your new site fresh, accurate, and working well will maintain your companyís strong online presence while increasing visitors and activity. Website maintenance is key to the ongoing success of your website.

Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving and your business is growing. JullienMorgan.Com website maintenance plans ensure your site evolves with the changing demands.

Typical website maintenance includes:

By keeping your website fresh, customers will visit frequently to check out whatís new. And as your company grows, so will your site. Your company information will need updated, relative industry news will need to be added, and old articles will need to be properly archived. With the expansion of content and the correct archiving of outdated material, your siteís position in search engine rankings will improve. Website maintenance will encourage repeat visitors, increase customer activity, and ultimately enhance your siteís search engine rankings.

You will require website monitoring and maintenance.  JullienMorgan.Com charges a small monthly fee for monitoring.   With this monthly cost, you are automatically entitled to up to 25% discount on all per hour rates.  That is instead of paying $40.00/ hour, you cost will be just $30.00.  Website monitoring and maintenance usually include: 

  • Indexing your site

  • Huge discounts on additional pages* (VIPs)

ř Updating your site with the current trends of the market

ř Editing your site with current information (text, graphics, banners, logos) presented by you*

ř Creating new web pages associated with your site*

ř Adding new AUTO RESPONDERS, FORWARDS, and NEW EMAIL accounts to your respective  Personnel

ř Blasting emails to your subscribers

ř Editing your GUESTBOOK, should there be any explicit, grave, informal, racist, unpleasant, negative, etc. comments.  Same goes for your BLOG should you choose to have one

ř All the above not excluding any other request made by you the Client. 

Please note that JullienMorgan.Com will only act on your behalf.  For us to do any of the above listed tasks, they must be requested by you. Sections marked with an asterisk (*) could incur additional charges.  Please consult with us for an estimate.  Other conditions may apply.  

Your website will not be publicized without your approval.

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